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Shakespeare had seven siblings: Joan (b 1558, only lived 2 months); Margaret (b 1562); Gilbert (b 1566); another Joan (b 1569); Anne (b 1571); Richard (b 1574) and Edmund (b 1580). For instance, you might have heard someone in trouble say that they’re ‘in a pickle’, or heard being greedy described as ‘the green-eyed monster’. Richard Burbage (1568-1619) – Richard Burbage was a famous actor, and part of William Shakespeare’s theatre group. Some of the phrases that Shakespeare wrote have even become parts of our everyday language! Many of the plays have half of the text in prose. Classic Action Film Trivia Quiz! Help Clean Up Your Neighborhood! However, as Shakespeare was born under the old Julian calendar, what was April 23rd during Shakespeare’s life would actually be May 3rd according to today’s Gregorian calendar. Mission: Impossible - Fallout Blu-ray Revi... The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part – Offici... What is your favorite winter sport quiz? Sonnets have 14 lines with 10 syllables in each line. Who do you think is the best female R&B singer? It’s likely that Shakespeare wore a gold hoop earring in his left ear – a creative, bohemian look in the Elizabethan & Jacobean eras. The new title made Shakespeare a favourite with the King and in much demand for Court performances. The King made the actors of Shakespeare’s company ‘Grooms of Chamber’, in response to which Shakespeare changed the company’s name from the ‘Lord Chamberlain’s Men’ to the ‘King’s Men’. At some point between 1585 and 1592, Shakespeare moved to London. Though it was customary to dig up the bones from previous graves to make room for others, the remains in Shakespeare’s grave are still undisturbed. Once Upon a Deadpool Movie Review | Deadpo... Shakespeare’s burial at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford Upon Avon is documented as happening on 25th April 1616. In keeping with traditions of the time it’s likley he would have been buried two days after his death, meaning Shakespeare likely died 23rd April 1616 – his 52nd birthday.

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Exclusive Interview: Chevel Shepherd- Hot ... How Well Do You Know PlayStation Quiz? Shakespeare wrote three different kinds of plays – comedies (funny plays), tragedies (sad plays) and histories (plays about a real person). Copyright didn’t exist in Shakespeare’s time, as a result of which there was a thriving trade in copied plays. Both of them saw some of the plays he wrote, which are still performed today. TV Shows to Binge Before You Start High Sc... There are no records of him ever having spelt it “William Shakespeare”, as we know him today. This style is evidenced in the Chandos portrait, one of the most famous depictions of Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote his sonnets and plays around 400 years ago, creative writing groups vancouver but some of the phrases he wrote have become a part of our everyday language. Mickey" or even "Minnie" but they are incorrect. This was very helpful and it helped me complete me whole homework which made it SOOO easy!!!! In Elizabethan theatre circles it was common for writers to collaborate on writing plays. If these William Shakespeare facts aren’t enough for you to understand the Bard and his life, check out our complete biography of Shakespeare, or this Shakespeare timeline. The moons of Uranus were originally named in 1852 after magical spirits from English literature. Ben wrote a poem in the introduction of Shakespeare’s First Folio, which is the collection of works that was published a few years after Shakespeare died. Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton (1573-1624) – Henry Wriothesley was a wealthy man, and the patron of William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare’ is an anagram of ‘I am a weakish speller’. Calvados department within the Basse Normandie area of France. What's Your Back to School Style Quiz? Shakespeare’s theatre group, The King’s Men, worked in two theatres – the Globe and the Blackfriars. An outbreak of the plague in Europe resulted in all London theatres being closed between 1592 and 1594. Suicide occurs an unlucky thirteen times in Shakespeare’s plays, with three suicides occuring in both Antony & Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, and two suicides in Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare’s history plays are: King Henry IV Part 1, King Henry IV Part 2, King Henry V, King Henry VI Part 1, King Henry VI Part 2, King Henry VI Part 3, King Henry VIII, King John, Richard II, and Richard III. What do you think of Beyoncé? Let us know! Few people realise that apart from writing his numerous plays and sonnets, Shakespeare was also an actor who performed many of his own plays as well as those of other playwrights.

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Ben Johnson (1572-1637) – Ben Johnson wrote plays and poems around the same time that Shakespeare did. Peyton Elizabeth Lee Reveals Andi Mack Sea... New Videos: DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Go... Although Catholicism was effectively illegal in Shakespeare’s lifetime, the Anglican Archdeacon, Richard Davies of Lichfield, who had known him wrote some time after Shakespeare’s death that he had been a Catholic. Marceline, Missouri shortly thereafter. This was a very great source of information for my Shakespeare Unit. How to Eventually Reach 1000 Followers on ... Test Your Super Bowl Smarts Quiz! The House with a Clock in its Walls Exclus... A different colour flag would be flown from the top of the theatre so people would know which play was about to be performed – white meant a comedy would be performed, red a history, and black or dark colours meant a tragedy. Sometime after his unsuccessful application to become a gentleman, Shakespeare took his father to the College of Arms to secure their own Shakespeare family crest. Earthquake: How to make an Emergency Suppl... His later plays also show the distinct characteristics of Jacobean drama. In the King James Bible the 46th word of Psalm 46 is ‘shake’ and the 46th word from the end of the same Psalm is ‘spear’. Pokémon Trading Card Game: Dragons Exalted... It was illegal for women and girls to perform in the theatre in Shakespeare’s lifetime so all the female parts were written for boys. The Top 5 Most Anticipated Young Adult Fan... Shakespeare’s shortest play, The Comedy of Errors is only a third of the length of his longest, Hamlet, which takes four hours to perform. Shakespeare’s last play – The Two Noble Kinsmen – is reckoned to have been written in 1613 when he was 49 years old. Shakespeare’s original grave marker showed him holding a bag of grain.

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Most writers wrote in the daytime and socialised in the evenings. Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle Movie Review ... The Comedy of Errors is Shakespeare’s shortest play at just 1,770 lines long. Read to the bottom and still in need of unusual Shakespeare facts? Towards the end of his career Shakespeare worked with other writers on plays that have been credited to those writers.